About world running!

This is a website for people around the world who love to run and anything associated with running!

I aim to help anyone who is lacking self motivation, anyone who needs inspiration, anyone who is interested in outdoor running, challenges and exciting ways to spend your days!

I believe running can be the cure for many problems we encounter in life! I will share my travels and experiences and what I learn along the way and report back to you. I trust that what I learn will help you in some way xxx

I woke up one day, and thought to myself, what is my passion? Now, you can think long and hard about this, but really, it’s simple. Look at what you love! What makes you feel ALIVE!? What makes you smile? What do/would you jump out of bed in the morning for and be really excited about doing? It could be big or small! It could seem like a massive part of your life, or perhaps it’s currently just a tiny drop in the ocean?

For me it’s running! I feel very lucky to be in a position where I get the opportunity to run all over the world, see beautiful sights, meet interesting people and find out things that make our lives more enjoyable.

I’d like nothing more than to share my experiences with you. I trust that what I post will help you in some way! 🙂